Higher Education

Higher Education

McDonald York’s construction expertise in academic settings allows us to integrate the tools of technology with longstanding education practices. Throughout projects, we ensure a construction area that allows students and faculty to maintain business as usual. We promise safety, security, and communication in all on-campus work.

Highlighted Project

Duke University Lemur Center

Durham, NC

We had the privilege of upgrading the Duke Lemur Center, home of the world’s leading lemur and prosimian research and conservation facilities. On 80-wooded acres in Durham, North Carolina, we provided general contracting services for mechanical and electrical upgrades to the Aye-Aye research pods.

This phased project provided new air handling units, air distribution and associated power upgrades to the animal holding and observation rooms. Working closely with Duke Lemur Center staff was essential to maintain an undisturbed and fully functioning area for animal research and education facility. Observing the Lemur’s nocturnal habits- and play time, we accounted for the convenience of the staff and animals throughout project completion.