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Getting It Right The First Time


We adopt your goals as our goals. Understanding your expectations from the start helps us and our building team make your vision a reality. Cost, risk, and logistics only scratch the surface of our in-depth research for each project. To perform within our Quality Management standards, we align our expectations with yours.

We implement a formal three-step quality assurance program that includes: subcontractor prequalification, preconstruction reviews, and an on-site Quality Management program.

“Quality control is a state of awareness. The operations’ team should review plans and specifications for all descriptive information regarding the visual finishes and quality anticipated. Additionally, they should review plans and specifications for all necessary testing, inspections, and other requirements relating to physical quality. Of most importance is the awareness of tolerances allowed and required not only in the specifications, but within the industry as well. Any effective quality control program must be planned and detailed prior to commencement of the project. The concern for quality must be continuously expressed by project management to all subcontractors and vendors. To that end, it is McDonald York’s customary practice to meet with and discuss the level of quality to be anticipated throughout the course of the project with the subcontractors and vendors prior to the start of major elements of a project.”