Fundamental Beliefs

Our Core Values

McDonald York is guided by an enduring set of values — safety, collaboration, family, innovation, and integrity.  These values define our relationships with employees, clients, and our communities.


We Are One Team Working Together.

Collaboration fosters longstanding partnerships and relationships that are based on mutual trust, honesty, and open minds. We consider ourselves partners with our clients and collaborate closely with them, as well as project team members, throughout the duration of each project.


Committed to Our Local Community.

As a local and family-owned company, we treat each employee as an extended family member who has the opportunity to participate fully and to develop to his or her highest potential. A hallmark of our company has been our commitment to make a difference in the Triangle region where we live and work.


Exploring New Ideas to Create Our Best Work.

McDonald York is a leader, not a follower. It is our spirit of innovation that has enabled us to achieve a successful leadership role in our markets, multiple technologies, construction processes, and management practices.


Every Project, Every day.

McDonald York maintains an unwavering commitment to the safety of our people, clients, and trade partners. While we have one of the industry’s best safety records, what is more important to us is our “zero-accident” safety culture that sends our people home safely to their loved ones each day.


We Do What Is Right.

Integrity is the foundation of McDonald York’s reputation. We have earned the respect and trust of people around the Triangle through more than a century of honest, decent, and fair behavior. Such behavior must continue to characterize all our relationships, both inside and outside the McDonald York network.

Our Family Culture


Family culture lives strong at McDonald York Building Company and is rooted in McDonald York being a family-owned company. The caring attitude and longevity of McDonald and York family ownership is at the heart of our company’s success. Our family core value of operating with our employees’ best interest in mind at all times has contributed to high levels of employee morale, pride, and retention.


The McDonald York Board of Directors include
CEO Tanner Holland and the McDonald and
York family members Smedes, Rosemary,
George and Parker York, and William York,
Jack, Sheila, and Michael McDonald, Colleen
McDonald Schmidt, Shannon McDonald
To ensure a family-owned business into the
future an ownernship transition plan will occur
over the next several years. This plan will pass
ownership to Colleen Schmidt, George York,
Michael McDonald, Shannon Haynie and
William York as the next generation of family
members to continue the 50/50 partnership
between the McDonald and York families.
A board task force called NextGen comprised
of our CEO and next generation owners bring
their deep insight into our family culture and
a strong commitment to our focus on our
employees and clients.

Colleen Schmidt is the Manager of North America Security Operations for Corning, Inc…
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Faced with rapid technological advances and growing competition, the need to find innovative ways of gaining a competitive advantage has never been greater.
In response to this challenge, we are continuously innovating. We start with the hypothesis: What we are doing today, can be done better tomorrow. From this hypothesis, we generate solutions. We invest in innovation through initiatives like the Innovation Council and Innovator Challenge. Our Innovation Council consists of a diverse group of creative thinkers who support our culture of innovation and help employees develop new ideas. The Innovator Challenge is a game-style competition that creates high-level of employee engagement and a strong culture of innovation.