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Our Delivery Method = Consistent Results


MYWay® is a McDonald York philosophy founded on four Principles: Trust-Based Teams, Valuable Communications, Early Collaboration, and Partnering Relationships. These are implemented using leading industry practices developed by McDonald York involving Consistent Processes, Continuous Innovation, and End-to-End Results. MYWay® works with all contract services, utilizing a collaborative team approach, that assures the client transparency and engagement throughout the construction process. The ultimate goal of MYWay® is to deliver a customized quality building experience for every client.


  • Trust-Based Teams

    McDonald York Building Company begins all relationships with a focus on building trust. The people on the team and their ability to work together are the most important part of a successful project. McDonald York focuses on relationships that are built on experience and trust as they have a significant positive impact on service, quality, and cost. Trust-Based Teams work because members are selected for compatibility and competency. This alignment applies across all levels of the project, including McDonald York team members, our clients, as well as our subcontracting and design partners.

  • Valuable Communications

    Good communication is a cornerstone for great work. Valuable Communications are relevant, specific, and useful. We strive for thoughtful, thorough, and consistent communication in everything we do. McDonald York Building Company’s focus on valuable communication allows us to build strong relationships with our clients.

  • Early Collaboration

    Establishing early collaboration between team members and partners achieves optimal results for our clients. Working together with a focus on making strategic plans and decisions early in the process helps the project team minimize potential project challenges. Early collaboration solidifies positive relationships on our Trust-Based project teams.

  • Partnering Relationships

    Strong relationships are the key to success in construction. Partnerships rely on mutual trust, transparency, and honesty. As partners, we collaborate on the decision-making process, define common goals, and establish a common vision. Our partners trust and know that we take a personal interest in our projects to ensure a positive construction experience.


  • Consistent Processes

    Operating as a close team out of one local office, we are able to establish consistent and reliable results across all our projects. Our processes are grounded on technology, taught through continuous training, and supported by a highly engaged local workforce that is focused on providing a high standard of quality and service. Our ultimate focus is to deliver a consistent quality building experience no matter which team is performing the work.

  • Continuous Innovation

    Within our culture, everyone in the company seeks new and improved ways to deliver services. Because we believe there is always room for improvement, company leaders are always driving technology and innovation across the organization. Continuous innovation is based on respect for ideas and opinions. We actively engage in the creative process and strive for a working environment that stimulates thinking, solutions, and suggestions.

  • End-to-End Results

    Our focus is on providing a superior client experience from preconstruction through closeout. Services vary based on project delivery methods, market requirements, and client needs, but what doesn’t vary are the trusted results we provide. Our streamlined and effective process is based on beginning with the end in mind.