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A Long Time Coming!

A Long Time Coming!

It’s highly likely that a significant portion of your project workflow is supported by one or more digital processes. Think about how today’s cloud-based technology is used in nearly all aspects of the project, from building design and safety to project management, finance and communications.
It’s a remarkable industry transformation. Yet one area of the construction workflow has largely escaped the transition to cloud-base automation speed, precision and performance. That is construction scheduling and planning. For most general contractors Primavera, Microsoft Project and Excel have stood the test of time, durably delivering scheduling and planning requirements for decades.

In recent years these popular applications have come under scrutiny. For some owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, superintendents the rethinking means asking a series of questions:
• Why can’t project scheduling and planning be as easy as my other apps?
• Why should there be a disconnect between a master and look ahead schedule?
• Why can’t field personnel post schedule changes in real time?
• Why can’t project stakeholders see schedule changes as they are entered?
• Why should subs schedule and plan without direct access to a live project schedule?


While traditional methods persist in construction, McDonald York has discovered a valuable ally in Outbuild’s developers, offering a fresh approach to scheduling and planning projects. Outbuild, a web-based collaborative platform, facilitates the creation of robust construction schedules. Project Managers and Superintendents collaborate seamlessly within the same web-based environment, planning detailed lookahead schedules that seamlessly integrate into the overarching master schedule in real-time. Additionally, Outbuild integrates seamlessly with our project management platform Procore, linking submittal information and RFIs directly to our schedules.

At McDonald York, we are continually seeking innovative ways to deliver value to our clients and partners, and Outbuild represents a significant step forward in our commitment to excellence. We are confident this implementation of Outbuild will increase the quality of our scheduling and you will see benefits immediately as they are implemented into our projects.