Looking Ahead

With our innovative spirit, we look ahead at the future of the construction business and ask ourselves, “what’s next?”. We never stop questioning how to grow and evolve to be successful within the ever-changing world of construction, and we openly challenge ourselves to maximize value for our clients that far exceeds what our competitors have to offer. Our strategy for positioning the company in a world of growth is focused on four areas: Our People, , Partnerships, and Technology. We are full of optimism for the future and believe that our people and company will continue to be filled with unlimited opportunities.


We will continue to develop and nurture “homegrown” talent — the average tenure of a McDonald York employee is 15 years. This allows us to pass down knowledge and years of experience to each new generation. Our focus on the future includes continuing education of our people to insure they stay the most highly-trained and skilled builders in the Triangle.


A key to continuing our growth will be maintaining and expanding our list of partnering relationships with our clients. These relationships are based on mutual respect and earned trust. In addition, we work only with trusted professionals — from architects to subcontractors — who support a collaborative approach.