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Every Project, Every Day

Our Safety Approach

McDonald York’s premier safety program is a result of management’s commitment to safety through visible leadership, engaging employees at all levels, empowering employees to address safety concerns, and utilizing the most sophisticated, user-friendly software to share safety data in real-time with all team members. We partner with subcontractors who share our safety values and visibly demonstrate those values every day. 

Procore’s® Platform allows us to manage and distribute our written EHS programs, procedures, and forms from any location. Our teams can easily access the information they need in real-time and on any device. This means greater teamwork, better communication, and a safer job. 


“In an industry where safety is paramount and the margin of error is so small, the responsibility of selecting the appropriate General Contractor to understand these practices is essential to meeting and exceeding these challenges. With a safety record that is unmatched by many, and a quality track record that delivers results on time and on budget; McDonald York is the first call for any onsite project that we undertake.”

-George Alex Patrick, Harris NUCLEAR plant Implementation Manager
Duke Energy