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We Embrace Technology For You

McDonald York’s passion for continuous improvement is demonstrated in the search and use of new technologies that improve the productivity of our project teams. From preconstruction to close-out, we utilize technology to support project communication, project management, quality, safety, and cost control throughout each phase of our projects.


McDonald York’s Subcontractor Management System (SMS) Pantera, provides information on hundreds of subcontractors across the Triangle. Through this portal, subcontractors submit financial and safety data and references. Pantera allows our team to verify all entries at all times and helps us to choose the right team of partners for your project.   



We utilize Procore as our web-based project management system to allow improved collaboration, schedulings, and cost control. This has expedited communication with clients and has been a proactive tool in avoiding construction delays. This technology allows our building team to frequently share best practices, potential issues, and opportunities. 

Procore Benefits:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Unlimited data storage, support, and training for all users
  • Accessible from any web browser, tablet, or smartphone
  • Secure and automatic real time backups of project data
  • Standardizes processes and streamlines communication
  • Enhances project team collaboration with a single platform


All subcontractor, vendor, and material invoices are tracked in electronic format for processing and approval. Invoices are entered through TimberScan® providing seamless invoicing and billing information to the project management team. Minimizing the processing time in accounts payable is just one example of how we seek to work efficiently.


McDonald York utilizes project imaging technology to capture each stage of the project from all angles.  The use of this tool provides real-time progress reporting and imaging to our team members and clients.  The use of this technology also provides visual access to offsite parties without them needing to travel to the project site.


  • 360 Photography
  • Live Streaming Video
  • Custom Time-Lapse Videos
  • 24/7 Security Recording
  • Aerial Photography (Drones-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV)

Drones — Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAV

With drones, McDonald York is making it easier to provide visual data on the progress of our construction sites. With a 15-minute flight, a drone can gather the same visual data that it might take a surveyor half a day to collect by walking on foot. Once we complete a flight plan a detailed visual report is shared with all team members involved.  This results in a more efficient building process from beginning to end. 


Panoramic photography utilizes a combination of specialized cameras and lenses to capture a jobsite in 360 degrees. With these photos McDonald York provides our clients with 360 degree tours of the project to provide an interactive virtual experience.