Talent Development

Skillful people produce quality results

Personal and professional development are

ingrained in our culture. 


McDonald York University

The best builders are never truly finished learning. McDonald York University provides career development opportunities such as technical, management, and leadership classes, to help employees with daily challenges and achieve their long-term career goals. With support from our top executives, the outcome of our courses show incredible results in the ongoing education of our employees.

Safety Training

Ensuring the safety of all individuals who work within McDonald York’s project sites is the firm’s number one priority. All employees commit to continuous safety training with yearly certifications and classroom learning. Certifications include: first aid/CPR, Superintendent safety training, and OSHA construction training.

Internship Program

McDonald York’s Internship Program is designed to give young professionals real world experience in the construction industry. Our interns gain hands-on experience in all aspects of the construction process. They are empowered to begin building the foundation for a full time career in construction.

McDonald York Internship Program

Developing Future Leaders

McDonald York’s culture encourages career growth and advancement for our employees. We foster an environment that inspires people to be their best. We focus on clear objectives, encourage individual initiative, and recognize and reward individual and team achievements. 

“Our employees continue to be challenged and grow.  Investing in both their professional and personal goals enables our employees to provide high-level solutions for our clients as well as offering them satisfying and rewarding careers at McDonald York.”

-Jack McDonald, Executive Chairman