Managing your budget as carefully as we would our own

We take just as much care planning your new project as we do building it. McDonald York provides a full spectrum of preconstruction services. With our technology services, budget estimation expertise, and value analysis, we deliver accurate results up-front, to give you the opportunity to make an informed decision.

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Meet Our Director of Preconstruction & Estimating

Kellie Renzi, our Director of Preconstruction & Estimating, has been with McDonald York since 2012 and has over 18 years of experience in the construction industry. She leads our preconstruction department and is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating all preconstruction activities to ensure that cost estimates and project budgets accurately account for the complete scope of the project. She conveys her knowledge of construction and current market conditions throughout the preconstruction stage of the project and guides the team through a successful transition into construction. Kellie’s experience and resources remain an asset to all projects through closeout.  Kellie obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Engineering & Management and a Masters in Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University and she is consistently recognized by clients for her attention to detail and sensible approach to project challenges.

How We Help

Budget Estimating

We understand the importance of early estimates. That’s why we practice a continuous process of cost control to help you maximize your budget from the very beginning. Our team uses multiple tools and databases, as well as cost advising, to create and maintain an accurate budget throughout the project.

Value Analysis

Value Analysis is a critical component of our process. Our systematic and proactive approach maximizes the effect of every project dollar spent. Our investigation eliminates unnecessary costs and provides a renewed value, while maintaining design.

Constructability Review

The McDonald York team reviews preconstruction plans to ensure clarity, efficiency, and architectural coordination for the final product. This prepares the project for a successful transition to the operations team. 

Schedule Planning

Often times during preconstruction a project can stall in design or get hung up with budget constraints. Our process helps to prevent these roadblocks or help guide the team through them should they arise. These preliminary scheduling reviews aid in keeping projects on task.

“Kellie’s work has been exceptional. Her attention to detail, the way she effectively includes her team, and her willingness to listen makes her a rarity. I am very impressed with the thoroughness, the efficiency, and the preciseness with which Kellie and her team delivered.”

-Betsy D., Governors Club

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