We deliver positive outcomes. Our diligence in exploring a multitude of solutions to meet objectives starts by gaining an understanding of our clients' business, financial proforma, culture, organization and expected outcomes.

We respect opinions and support creativity. Our MYWay® culture is based on respect for ideas and opinions from design professionals, end-users and subcontractors. We actively engage in the creative process and strive for a working environment that stimulates thinking, ideas and solutions.

We build what is promised. We strive to have a zero-punchlist, we fix issues regardless of who's to "blame" after occupancy, and we close the project out in a timely manner.

We develop partnering relationships. 50% of McDonald York clients have worked continuously with us for 10 years or more. Through the years, we have come to know our clients in a very close and personal way. We seek to establish partnering relationships with our design team members as well. Our objective is to create lasting relationships beyond a single project.

We seek innovation. At the forefront of our construction practices is the pursuit of building perfection and to that end we continuously seek new and better ways of doing things.