At McDonald York, we believe it takes the best talent to be the best in the business. To find such talent, McDonald York employees go to top colleges and talk to the brightest students. We encourage recent graduates, interns, co-op students, and career changers to come to their school's career fair and see us.

In addition, we partner with college career centers, department heads, professors, and student-run organizations, and give classroom lectures on campuses. McDonald York representatives participate in advisory board meetings, scholarship banquets, and information sessions.

Staying Sharp to be the Best


Learning is deeply ingrained in our culture: a culture dedicated to helping our employees gain the knowledge and skills required to do their job. McDonald York University (MYU) was established to provide our employees with technical, business, management, leadership and behavioral courses that prepare them for current work assignments and help them achieve their long-term career goals. MYU offers a diverse area of learning opportunities by blending instructor-led programs, self-paced computer based training and on-the-job training. A core tenet of MYU is the use of customized in-house courses that have been developed with our employees in mind.

A core component of MYU is the use of our own internal experts, armed with real-life examples to teach classes. They bring extensive industry-specific and real-world experiences to the participants. MYU is part of McDonald York's drive to be recognized for its excellence in employee training and development programs.

MYU is led by Executive Chairman Jack McDonald, our program is a testament to his commitment to the growth and success of our employees.


Classroom learning comes to life for students in McDonald York's internship program. Full and part-time opportunities in departments such as operations, estimating, and accounting provide valuable real-world work experience.

It is our goal not only to enable students to learn more about the industry and grow, but to expose them to the McDonald York culture and, hopefully, develop future McDonald York employees. Many of McDonald York interns are offered positions upon graduation. To learn more contact hr@