During the Construction Phase of a project, McDonald York mobilizes our staff of experienced and knowledgeable builders - acting as the owner's eyes and ears and interacting closely with the project team throughout the process. In addition to our Safety Program, the services that can be provided by the McDonald York team during construction include:

Project Scheduling

We provide a system of schedule development and continual monitoring that enables flexibility and encourages communication. McDonald York's project schedules are accurate in projecting construction durations and are detailed in the amount of information we provide to the project team. Our historical data is combined with our experience as creative builders. We implement principles of Lean Construction into our scheduling approach to make the process efficient, while convening regular meetings between our project staff and subcontractors to ensure schedule compliance.

Equipment and Material Procurement

During preconstruction, McDonald York identifies "long lead time" material and equipment purchases, working closely with the design team to develop a procurement strategy. McDonald York frequently procures major items of equipment prior to the start of construction as decided by the project team.

Self Performance

McDonald York provides self performance capabilities that enable us to handle scopes of work that are time sensitive, not feasible to bid out, or are financially advantageous to our clients to be self performed. Through self performance we are able to complete certain scopes that are critical in moving the overall project schedule forward. Some of our capabilities include: light gauge metal framing, interior demolition, doors/frames/hardware, small-scale painting, blocking, minor concrete, minor drywall hanging/finishing, selective equipment relocation, daily clean up, VCT/ceiling tile repair, and finish protection.

Quality Assurance & Quality Planning

Our integrated approach to quality begins in the earliest stages of a project, through preconstruction and construction and past final completion.


The aim of adopting the commissioning process on your project is simple - to ensure all building systems are fully functional when you occupy the facility. We fully integrate an owner's commissioning process into a project by embedding your commissioning authority as part of the project team, and integrating the detailed commissioning requirements from the specifications through a commissioning responsibility matrix. We then coordinate commissioning activities as the building systems are installed, started, tested and balanced, and documented. We conduct training sessions with staff and users on the operation of all systems, as well as ongoing first year involvement in the seasonal testing and training of commissioning activities to continue proper system operation.